Could you provide marriage borkerage or immigration visa services? 网上约会教练是否可以提供婚姻介绍或者移民签证服务?

Of Course Not!

What could I do when I move to America? 我到了美国能做什么?

There are many opportunities in America just like in China. What kind of work are you doing now? Does it require special learning? What level of English is acceptable to do this job in America? Are you willing to learn more so you can choose more? Some women even start their own business.


My English is poor. How could I communicate with the foreign men? 我的英语不好,我要怎样跟男士交流呢?

Our team helps you with understanding emails and writing great emails to respond to the men.
We also work with you to understand the culture differences that can cause problems. Your learning more is the best way to have many years of success with your life partner. Are you willing to learn so you can succeed?


I heard the foreign men like AA when they are at dating. Are foreign men selfish? 我听说外国男士当他们在约会时,都是和女士AA制的,是不是外国男士很自私?

AA is something for casual friends. It is part of American culture. However, a gentleman will usually pay for most things. For people in a good, committed relationship, AA does not exist. Are you willing to have a great relationship?

AA制只是相对于普通朋友来说的。这是美国文化的一部分。然而,一个绅士通常会支付大部分的费用。 在一段好的并且负责任的关系中,AA制是不存在的。你期望得到一段美好的关系吗?

America safe? 美国安全吗?

As with any country, this question has many answers. Most important would be where you live. Most places are safe to live. Do you prefer big cities or smaller towns? How big of a city?


My English is good. I can register a dating website for myself. Why do I need to use the coach service? 我的英语非常好,我可以自己注册交友网站,为什么我需要教练服务?

Some women have registered for themselves… not all succeed because the instructions can be confusing. Our team uses more than one person to make sure you have the most complete profile possible. The most important difference is that our team uses your information to create a profile that is pleasing to the American man. Our profiles show you to him in a way he understands and desires. American culture is different and using this knowledge is very important. Selection of pictures is also very important to have an attractive profile that brings men to you. Getting great results with your profile is what we do. We have clients who receive more emails than they can respond to.


Why do American men look for wives on the website? Do they have problems? 是不是很贫穷的美国男人才在网上找老婆?

Most men look on websites because they can look for you much more efficiently. Is he poor? NO! He is smart is using his time. 1 of every 5 relationships (20%) in America begin on a website. How much do you understand about technology and math? If a man only meets women face to face, at the grocery store or other places, how many can he meet in a week? 3? 5? In one week, using a website, a man can look at hundreds of women. He can read a little about the ones he is interested in. Now he can choose which women to contact.
We teach you to use the safest and most effective methods to help you find that special man.


Do many American men have affairs? 是不是很多美国男人有婚外情?

No matter what country, some men will have an affair. This is about the morals and values the man has, not where he lives. Most men do not have an affair. The quality of the man is something that takes time to learn. Many questions in emails, video chats and text messages are how you learn about him. Our team helps guide you in asking the correct questions for both of you to learn and grow. Are you a woman who needs a man? Or are you a woman that a good man needs?


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