Kelly Wrote

It is a process of steps with a beginning, middle and end. This means improving your skills to control the experience so that it’s smooth, seamless, and gives real results. I’m Kelly Murra and teaching people to achieve their dreams has always been a high priority for me. Not only am I a consultant, I am also a Certified Professional Life Coach. I have been in sales and management for over 37 years, working with clients, helping them find what they desire and fulfilling their needs. Every day, we are learning and growing how to better serve our clients. Each of you is very important. We want your success.

Understanding the needs of both people is how great relationships work. We show you how to find your special life partner and develop a strong relationship leading to marriage. Why do we know so much about your desires? Because we have already succeeded! My wonderful bride Linying was from Chengdu, China and I am from Dallas, Texas U.S.A. Now married over for more than 6 years, we both have a great desire to help others succeed with international relationships. Helping and teaching others is what we do.

One of my mentors says: “It is not only important what you learn but who you learn it from…” Why would you learn from someone who has never succeeded for themselves? When Linying found me on the internet, she was getting help from a traditional agency. It was a miracle that we ever got married. We not only had to overcome the culture and language differences, we had to fix the problems caused by the agency! They understood very little about American culture. This is critical to getting the right meaning in many translations.

We work together with the team of in Guangzhou to give you the best service. Our teachings and lessons give you the skills you need; true knowledge that will last a lifetime. Work with the coaching team that gives you honest information and support.

Our goal is to help you be successful in finding the life partner that is waiting for you.

这个过程贯穿了从开始,中途到结束。这意味着提高你的技能,以便你掌控和男士的交流过程,使其更加顺利,没有漏洞,并且有一个实实在在的结果。我是Kelly .Murra,教人们去实现自己的梦想是我高度重视和首先考虑的。我不仅仅是一个咨询顾问,我也是专业的持证生活教练。我做了37年的销售经理,和客户接触,帮助他们找到他们的渴望并且满足他们的需要。每天,我们都在学习和成长,怎么样才能更好地服务于我们的客户。你们每一个人对我们来说都是非常重要的。我们希望你们成功。

了解对方的需要对一段关系的进行是非常重要的。我们告诉你怎么去找到你的那个特殊的生活伴侣,发展一段强有力的以婚姻为目的的关系。为什么我们非常了解你想要的?因为我们已经成功了!我精彩的新娘Linying 来自中国成都,我来自美国德州的Dallas。我们已经结婚6年了,我们都有很强烈的愿望,帮助他人国际关系的成功。我们做的就是帮助和教导的工作。

我的一位导师说:“重要的不仅是你学了什么,而是你从哪里学……” 为什么你要从一个自己都从来没有成功的人那里学习?当Linying在网上发现我的时候,她从一个中国传统的服务公司获得帮助。我们结婚就是一个奇迹。我们不仅仅要克服语言和文化的不同,我们还不得不去解决这个机构的服务本身带来的问题。他们对美国文化的了解非常有限。而这对从很多的翻译含义中获得正确的意思是至关重要的。


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